Do You Want to Read This Book?

Poetry is the world’s most under-appreciated and criticized art form. 

You don’t write nearly enough of it. 

Who wants to read a book about how to write badly written poems? There’s no market or commercial interest in poetry! The world is already full of bad poems…

– What I Imagine People Might Say

Don’t worry, Write Bad Poetry isn’t about writing bad poems for other people to read them.

It’s about writing bad poems selfishly, for yourself.

Poetry is a Selfish Act

Poetry is highly personal. It is not commercially viable. It is for you, the writer, and you alone.

There is NO AUDIENCE for your poetry. 

I’ve written thousands of poems. Including a few teachers, who were technically being paid to read my work, only three people have ever read one of my poems without a look of sheer torture and horror on their face.

My Life in Charts: How Many People Actually Want to Read Bad Poems

Despite this poor market outlook, poetry is one of our most readily available creative tools for improving ourselves in all other areas of our lives.

  • You don’t need any expensive supplies or tools
  • No previous experience or skills required
  • You will understand your deepest thoughts and emotions

If you can successfully scrawl raw emotion on a piece of paper and not feel weird about it, you can successfully write anything. 

Before you can ever hope to learn how to write for an audience, you need to first know how to write for yourself. This is where the magic of bad poetry shines.

This is Not a Book Just for Writers

On the surface, my book Write Bad Poetry appears to be a book for writers, but the truth is it’s a book for anybody who’s ever struggled to do anything well.

Everybody, whether you are a writer or not, can benefit from a form of creative expression.

Maybe you have a hard time telling someone how you really feel about something.

Maybe you struggle to even identify what those feelings even are.

There’s a notebook for that.

Write Bad Poetry opens up a whole new world of tools to help you get through obstacles and challenges in life.

Being a great writer afterwards is just a nice bonus.

Here’s What You’ll Find Inside the Book

  • How to forget everything about poetry you ever learned. If you hate poetry, I blame the people who taught you to criticize and analyze it to death.
  • How to Write Fast: If you’re struggling to get words on paper, I’ll share some of my techniques I use to write between 2,500-7,500+ words a day.
  • Techniques for how to write in code, metaphors and riddles to safely say all the things you don’t want to talk about {See The Wizard}
  • I’ll show you how to find inspiration everywhere, from a traffic jam to the back of your breakfast cereal box.
  • I’ll encourage you to be brave and overcome any fears you might feel about writing and self-expression. It’s the same techniques that helped me to be brave enough to share really crazy poems like She Writes Letters She Never Sends. {It’s really bad and uncensored, so while it makes no sense, please proceed with caution if scary words might bother you}.
  • I’ll help you find your own self-worth. There might not be a market for poetry, but there’s plenty of other ways badly written poems can be very useful for your career and life goals.

I can’t promise you that writing bad poetry will save you from whatever monsters you might encounter. It’s not a magic sword.

My hope is the book will give you the necessary tools and skills to survive the fight.

Who is Writing This Book?

Remember when I said I accidentally wrote a book about how to write bad poetry?

It’s true: this was supposed to be a quick and easy blog post called “How to Write a Poem” that I wanted to publish over at one of my websites I own called ThinkWritten.

When I looked at all of my notes and initial drafts for what I wanted to include in the blog post, I had 53 pages.

Turns out, sharing with people why they should write poems and how to write poems is not exactly as “quick and easy” as I thought it would be!

I thought about it for awhile, and I realized Write Bad Poetry, whether I want it to be a book or not, is most definitely a book.

Where, when and how I decide to publish it, well, that’s up to you!

Do You Want to Read This Book? Only You Can Tell Me

The book is nearly finished – the only decision left now is to decide how to publish it.

I want to understand how much demand there is for this a book like this and that’s where I need your help!

If I approach an agent and major publishing house with the book, it’d be super helpful to say, “Look! Here’s 18,000 people who think the world needs people who see the value in writing bad poetry no one will ever read.”

If there aren’t 18,000 people, no worries, I’m still going to publish the book, it just means I will go the self-publishing route and setup a kickstarter to do so.

Even if I do end up self-publishing through a kickstarter, it’d be helpful to have a rough idea of how many personalized handwritten thank-you notes I might have to write later with every copy. {30? 300? 3000? That could be a lot of notes and I want to be prepared!}

And y’know what? If only four people on earth want to read it, that’s okay too.

I’ll always give you an option for a carefully hand-lettered, hand-drawn, very authentic scribbled copy of the book in a Moleskine.

{But only for those 4 very special people who recognize just how powerful bad poetry can be, and also appreciate the beauty of a Moleskine.}

If You Want to Read This Book, Please Fill Out This Short Survey Below.

I will keep you updated on the progress of the book, and of course, while you’re here, feel free to read some of my really horrible, bad poems or even check out the latest flash fiction stories.

Thank you so much for sharing your thoughts with me, so that I can bravely share too. 🙂

– Chelle Stein, author of Write Bad Poetry.

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