A Second Pair of Eyes

Was it a pair?
  Or a set?

Cause a pair,  that implies two

But a set? A set!?! We might have a lot! 

Think about the whole boxed 
set of your favorite sports cards. 

Collect one or collect them all!

     Why are you shaking your head?

Yes, I did just call them sports cards.

      What do you mean that's so weirdly generic?

   I can't believe you would say 
      something like that to me. 
    You're ridiculous. 

You're saying this as someone 
    who can't even tell me
     how many eyes 
        they want to see. 

So, now, when you said pair, 
     are you talking pairs or pears?
 You know, like the fruit?
    The pear that grows on a tree?
What is wrong with you? 
     Why are you looking like that at me?

Man, I think maybe you really do need a set of eyes. 
    How many eyes you want?
        Do you need bifocals?

                   Are bifocals a pair or a set?
     See man, this is what I'm saying,
         You're not ready yet. 

Come back next week. 

I'd say see you later,
     but I don't want to complicate
    things that are already really weird.

I forgot.

I wanted to ask you your thoughts,

I wanted to ask you your thoughts,
    cause you're the one who would know
i wanted to ask you
     and then i forgot.

I want to talk to you for 
    at least an hour or two
       but we can't 

and i'm okay with that i suppose
     but what about all the things
           I forgot?

What about really wanting, 
          maybe more like needing,
      to ask your thoughts?

Write fast. 

In order to truly excel while writing bad poetry, it is critical that you write as fast as you possibly can. The faster you write, the better.

Writing fast tricks your brain into not thinking while you write.

If my brain ever paused for a moment to notice what I was actually typing at the speed of light, I may actually realize the things I write are either very inappropriate or don’t make sense. 

Poetry is meant to bring out the inappropriate things we don’t want to talk about, and it certainly should not make sense.

So if there is any rule in writing poetry, it is this: Write fast. Write like a madman. Don’t read what you are writing while writing. 

Write it all down and write it all fast as you can.

What it Means to Be a Scavenger

here’s some things we forgot to think about:

making  money

on the road

they could bet money


one of them could be amazing at cards

and that’s how they meet the card guys

aha. and that gives them enough money to continue on their journey

they should also be open to finding money

lost money everywhere. just have to find it. 

if you found a wallet money  in it, what would you do?

try to give it back to whoever owns it

now, what if you just found the money,

with no ability to trace who had it last

it would be yours

well, then let’s try looking for some

where to look?

parking lots of course

coin returns in vending machines

it’s not worth the time, but if you have

no money and nowhere you need to be

why not?

what if we just find free stuff, or people give it away

then you can try selling it and making money on it

not a bad idea

sing a song for some money

draw pictures for money

dance for money

recite poetry

this is being a scavenger