She Writes Letters She Never Sends

She Writes Letters She Never Sends

She writes letters she never sends;
she tells you all
of all the worlds
she invents.
Wherever they go,
she won't go without them,
but she can't seem to
there's no circles
in circling our mothers, 
we can barely circle the
cycle in tricycle.
When you say you saw
the mother of all,
are you sure you weren't just drunk
and reading the vinegar bottle?

"Child, my dear, you should tell me,"
that's what she says to me.
"You know you can always tell me anything."
Right, okay. Well, here, here I did.
I wrote you a letter to let you
know I'm feeling much better.
And if you read the letter that I wrote,
or read the book I wrote,
or read the 10 million words I wrote,
maybe, just maybe
the fact that you didn't read anything at all
tells it all

tattle-tale tell it all
Can't tell them now!
Can't tell them how!
Now you now damn well
if you tell them anything
they'll knock you out.

Say, is that a promise or a threat?
Are you really happy when you are not your best?
Do you feel well enough
to send this letter?
Sounds like a 413 request,
entity too large error

4 13
1 + 3 is 4! 4+4 is 8!
And it's the fourth that makes me remember the 8s...

oh eights,
eight balls and
heavy eights
no, i do not mean weights.
I cannot help it if you
do not know how to read my mind.
That is your weakness, not mine.
If you could read my mind
i wouldn't have to tell you anything.
But since you can't read my mind,
I guess I can settle with writing letters
but these are numbers.
One two three, okay four, we're fine,
But, say, do you know how to read? Child!
Which one of us is the child!
Which one of us can read?
I read every word in the dictionary.

Oh now, aren't you special.
Yeah, special ed. Special needs.
Soecially: especially not social or special
but certainly exceptional
in so many worlds
with so many words
in so many things
that you never heard.
Good Lord dear, are you okay?
Of course we're okay.
You don't talk to yourself enough.
Maybe if you did
it wouldn't be necessary
for me to tell you
what to think.


4:13 what does that mean? That means
the entity is too large.
What kind of entity?
What are we dealing with here?
First: What is an entity?
And can we experience it
in its entirety? 

How big are we talking here?

And are you entitled to experience entitlement
or are you titling at large?

Yeah, I might write a book and title it
"The Enemy at Large is
Envious towards Marge"
Large, Marge,
Marge is as large as a barge.
Too much margarine,
and no shame for margins,
she's made herself  a martyr of them

Oh, the mannerisms of Marger-isms!

She writes letters she never sends
never tells you
what she meant
she never intends
for you to ever know

she wears thirty five rocks on her wedding finger
She wears purple bandanas and plays the banjo
picks up a pen whenever she feels like she has to know -- 

all the reasons for
and summers
and sunderies
and are you summoning your –
Attention! This Just In!
--- doo-doo-dooo-

This is a message from your imagination broadcast station.
Suddenly, we have sudden lies -
so suddenly we materialize – quick,
while the dogs are gone,
this laxy fox is so far gone doggone gone.

dogs spelled backwards is sgod,
so god, what do i do?

Let's Read the bible!
This has been a message from your public broadcast station.

Hey, what happens if you cast broadly at a public station,
or you station the broad
to be casted with stones
by the general public?

Are we there yet? Are you there God?
Or are we so damn far gone
Judy Blume is so confused
she doesn't recognize
what Margaret
must have known all along.
Every answer you ever need to know in life
is in THAT BOOK.
Thank god, we got words!
So many words I've heard

I must have all the damn answers!


That book.
That book!
How could she say that book.

Dear God,
Why did you write a book?
Did you write a book?
can gods write books?
Which god am i talking to?

Reality check,
check please,
I'm checking out of here
before the check
don't clear...

You ask me,

"Who are you talking to?
Are you talking to yourself again?
Talking to an old friend?
talking in the voice of someone you never knew?

Maybe you should ask,
Say, did you watch too much TV today?
How come you're just repeating back
all the bullshit you hear them say?
back to zero
What's wrong with this kid?

She's not a kid.

No of course not.
Kid is a nickname for a goat.
Does she look like a goat to you?

Hey, goat. How are you?
Oh my god, the goat, we have the devil!
There are goats!
We must diminish the demons
and the devious
or else we might get demonious.

Oh no, we cannot have that.

4:13 what is this?
what time is it?

Get the book, the one you read,
the one you know
the one with all the words
that everybody says
are the word of all that is.
Don't you keep that book in your bedside night table?
Oh Rocky Raccoon
would not approve
of this one.

Announcer voice, enter left!
the voice of reason that never left!

The effects of long-term media exposure
have not yet been fully studied.
If you find yourself randomly
referencing a church song when
while you remember a movie
and a cartoon character with bulgy eyeballs,
be not afraid!

You are probably just
Brainwashed by music,
brainwashed by TV,
brainwashed by teachers teaching and beating in
words into your brain,
and your young, not fully developed brain
must have made some strange
pathways in connecting it all,
when you got stoned by the rocks
that resurrected it all.

Or maybe, maybe we can believe!
Is there magic in this reality if we just prescribe -
magical thinking?
Critical reasoning? Logic to teach us how to deceive...

Maybe there's a ghost
who plays music to communicate with you.
Truth or fiction?

Maybe there's science.
A science of
frequencies. Don't you remember
in school
sitting on the floor with Slinkies?
Sound is frequency.
Let's raise that vibration.

Did you know
everyday I thank god we don't have a gun.
I thank god I don't even want one.
Hell, I'm so crazy I can't even buy one.

Thank god, to know, I'm better
without violence 
when we got so many better
true alternatives to silence.

There's no need to beat up anyone,
I can beat it out with words til the thought's so dead - 
Now we're having fun! And it doesn't hurt anyone!

And as long as I remember to put on pants
and eat breakfast today,
I think we're doing okay.
Yeah, in my letter I wrote ya
I said I'm doing okay.

See, I pray and thank the good lord everyday.

You say I need more Jesus!

Take me to church?
I went to church. Just last week.
Actually, not even a week ago.
And I sat there and felt like crying
cause these crazy delusional bastards can
say anything and no one thinks they're lying
or making it up,
they got religious protection
to protect them,
it's not crazy to believe that Jesus Christ is real,
it's only bad if you are capable
of anything people did thousands of years ago
written in a book
You can talk to Jesus, 
but don't listen to him.
If Jesus talks to you,
you're the one with a problem them.

God damn! 
And I just sat there,
sat there peacefully and so quietly,
so maybe I should give myself some credit
for something.

Credit for something, 
some credit would be nice.
i would like a $500,000 credit to my account please.
Take up a collection
from every damn doctor
and psychiatrist
and whatever monster who invented
psychiatric medications
which are truly no more
than a sedative for vegetation.

How can i grow when my mind is confined?
Don't need to water me no more, there's
drool dropping from my mouth lines.

Truly, truly, unto I say to thee
Philippians 4:13
New King James Version
code blue.

13 I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me.

All things.
I like that.
Yes, god is a rock!

That very rock i am living under!

Are you literally metaphorical
or are you metaphorically literal?

Hey there, Platypus!
who enters my mind
at the most inconvenient time
scary scary
scary platypi
I'm not scary are you scary?
If you are scary, then so am I.
Are you ever shy?
A crazy mess of a monster -
are you a bird? a duck? a fish?
a magic switch?
i could see some evil witch
in a foggy bog
somewhere one day
cursing you
she got mad at you
and decided to make you the way you are

My dear, I hope whatever witch it might have been,
the witch wasn't me in a past life.


In a past life, 
I don't recall...
do we even really have past lives at all?
Are these just very suggestive memories in our imagination?
We can vibrate in frequency
at the highest of all harmonies
and if we sing high enough,
we can be all out of key
and we can garnish
ourself in all this malarky.

I can give you all the words in the world

but I can't make you read a single one

it's for the best i don't let you read any one.

Don't read into this too much anyone,
because you're too illiterate to know
how to read anyone,
and you certainly can't read me.
Don't even try, 
cause if you do get it
I think I'll make you cry
and who wants that,
a sobby mess of you
twisting the tissues
in cold, dry hands.

You want a word from me?
Well, fine,
I'll give you a word.
Maybe if I could get in just one word edgewise
I wouldn't have to complicate these matters
with so many words comprmised. 

One word, that's it,
well then
how about love.

And if you don't like that one, then pick one from all 
of the following listed on this list:

If you don't like love, try:
or scuba?
or dive?
or drive?
or bride
or hide.
Yeah, I think that's what I said. Love will do.
And this is why I write bad poetry,
it doesn't matter,
does it now?

The truth will set you free
you will be so happy
you will know
what no one else
could ever show
and no one will ever, ever read.

no one will read this.
they can't read in
between the lines
of a cryptic
and bepuzzled mind
of bejeweled banana makers
who take the literal to literally letter takers
too literally to take it to all the nows-and-too-laters.

Take the letter,
to the law.
Read the rights
or the writing on the wall.

Why must you always be right?

Whether you go left or right,
if you never change
your mind or
never stray too far,
you'll always find yourself
in a place
just the same.

And my darling,
this is why
I write letters I will never send.
And this is why
I can never tell you
what I meant.