Song to My Broom

I Sing to the Broom When You’re Not Home

 Life is fucked up
When it's not great,
Just a Jamaican mocha milkshake

Ya making me crazy,
   ya making me shameless
I'm not ashamed to be afraid...
But I'm marching down the street
In your ankle bracelet parade...

Oooh, look now, Here comes the float!

But if you're a fish you better swim
Cause the only fish that 
are the dead ones

Damn, that's heavy
{like Sweet cream}
Sinking to the bottom,
Milk your way into the
Breathless, how
we're bonded...
Atoms bouncing down the stairs

Spiral staircase outside
   the water tower,
Take a shower... drip it off into
   your watering can,
Tipping over past the tulips
   just to douse her
Don't arouse her,
Let the beast sleep.

When she wakes up,
    you'll be crying for weeks,
asking for her to show some mercy
   while you shiver between her teeth...
And she'll chew you up and spit you out
And say you're not good enough
    for her to eat

We haven't cried in days,
That's an accomplishment.
   but more like a bitch gone crazy.

I sing to my broom,
"You are the only one
  I can do this to.
Let me beat you against the floor
  when I can't take this mess of my
  life anymore.
I'll mop up the piss,
With the straws of your hairs."

Thank god you're just a broom,
and I'm just practicing metaphors in my living room,
or else they'd probably be raising some
suspicions here...

I'm not afraid to be
As long as I'm safe in the house
With no one else
Looking in on me
Not understanding
What it's like to be insane
It's rather perfectly perfect
in a world engulfed in flames.

Welcome to hell!
I'm so glad you're here.
I was lonely all by myself in heaven
With nobody to talk to up there.

We bring these gifts to you,
A smile twisted in between the twines
Of the fork
That was left on the floor.

Thank God for this broom!
I can reach new heights
I never knew before!
Dusting down the spider webs,
I smashed a spider today
as I hammered nails
Into my loom
   and I sang a happy song
Sweeping up the mess
  All afternoon
Just a dopey sneezy little elf
Happy by myself
But wondering if maybe
Someone else not crazy
Would find my life
Entertaining on the TV.

Why, I love to perform
When nobody is watching me
Who do ya want me to be today?
Give me 5 minutes I'll
Be anyone you want me to.

Fire up the cylinders!
I'll pretend to be a race car driver
In the living room.


Discounted descendants of despondent relentlessness...

We resent the respect 
of the restless

I don’t need my own fortress, a castle of class...
Perhaps just the Countess who 
Must count them at last

An atlas
 An island 
the last stand 
on stale land...
 straw man  
in the sand

poor me some sugar,
 Tell me you’re sober 
I love November  
And all of it’s splendor

Silence so Somber,
resilience stands stronger

I always thought of you as that  strong silent type. 
Helvetica, is that you? 
How the hell are you?  
How are you? Where you been? 
You’ve been running round Georgia for the Times New Roman again? 

Times New Roman,
 squares, numerals, but no new murals, 
No numerals or plurals...

 "Our numbers are zero," she so patiently declares. "We have 12 times 12 for a 144 square."

But alas, the doctors aren’t counting how many countesses appeared.

Take The High Road

Taking the high road is an uphill battle.

Take the high road
Not the why road
Not the do-or-die road
You’re better than this

But then how these thoughts start to erode…
Now we’re sliding down the cliff
Do we ever get enough of this?
Not enough is too much
And the load's unbalanced while we slip
I’m not your doormat daughter
not your lamb for slaughter
Everybody has to make sacrifices sometimes, well,
The path to heaven is paved all the way to hell
And If you want something nice
Get ready for the uphill battle
it’s an uphill battle (battle)
Uphill battle

Do you hear these bones?
How they rattle (are you rattling me?)
Rattle, rattle where’s the baby?
Baby snakes!

Watch your back before
They bite you back down
They’ll fire you up just to watch you drown

It’s an uphill battle (battle)
its an uphill battle
And you’re upside down

Start digging your ditch now
and just lay down
when the earth stops shaking
maybe you’ll be found...
Everybody wants to just do what’s best
but don't you ever forget:
They’re all so much better than you
so get used to it.

You’re the least of their worries
until you’re not around,
They’ll always treat you like shit
until you start to pound…
Take the high road
and get up off the ground
Better start packing
and don’t make a sound
If they’re gonna get mad
They’re gonna do that now
Get away quick before you’re found...

They’ll lock you up - committed!

I’m not your doormat daughter
Spare me the sword and show some honor
I’m not your lamb for slaughter
Everybody has to make sacrifices sometimes, well,
The path to heaven is paved all the way to hell
And If you want something nice
Get ready for the uphill battle
It’s an uphill battle (battle)
Uphill battle