sometimes i want
to be someone else
when i write, so
you don't know
how crazy i really am = 
and yet,
that would not be mee
if you did not know me
and all of my bad poetry
and so maybe
you could call me
someone else
or something else
but it really doesn't matter
one flip 
what you call me
because i will always be me
with an extra e

Hello World It’s Me

This is a poem I wrote reflecting on my very first early days of starting a blog 15+ years ago.

Hello world its me.
This is my first blog post.....
Not sure what to say
But you're not reading anyway

I've been reading Darren Rowse
Pro Blogger seems to know
How to Make Money Blogging
Do you think I'll make money blogging?

Boy would that be nice 
That would be the life
Sitting on the beach
Making Money in my sleep

First I think need to learn to code
Where the hell do these widgets go?
There's gotta be something better than the Kubrick theme...

Seems like this blogging thing
Is never gonna pay
100,000 visitors yesterday
But my ad revenue
Is only $5 today

The Muse

Nothing can quiet the muse today - 
She inhales the spices of sage
And wants to make tea
But the lightning of fire
Has caught the disease
There’s not enough ink, not enough paper
She wrote a whole book in half an hour

She paints the doorstops
Red, yellow and blue
Next she knows
There is teal, orange and magenta next to you
Cadmium yellow
A beautiful fellow
Kissed Cinderella 
and she hung herself from the wall, 
staring at the ropes that started it all

The muse wants a blender, 
to combine all the things that aren’t
 to become all the things that are

And yet she longs for December and it just feels too far

She wants to make an inspiration box 
- a container to hold every fleeting thought – 
she must document decisions
So she may understand the lines

Lines are yellow, lines are red! I could talk about lines long enough to bore you to death. -

she whispers secrets of the living room floor
Why there’s black scratches etched by the door
She wants to try every solvent, she’s assured us we can solve it - yet -
She’s so loud we can see her no more 

She wishes to read lines about poodles in Faust
She researched how mountains were made
In case we should not be able to figure it out

Must we quiet the muse?
She is so well amused 
She’s got it all figured out

No time to dust the shelves! 
She wants to write you a letter
And draw you some numbers
The fireflies sparkle in sage
She’s found so much wisdom
At such a young age

Let us sing of the crocodiles
Who walked all those miles to to your house...
The muse won’t be shut in - she must be let out!