A Dog Eats a Pancake: The Sonnet

When I was in college, my creative writing teacher made us write a sonnet and I couldn’t do it. It was torture. Write Bad Poetry means you can write a poem without stressing about stressed syllables.

It also means you can have fun writing bad poems by letting AI write them for you.

A pup so sweet, with eyes of brown,
A fluffy tail that wags around,
He's come to feast on pancakes made,
A treat that he can't help but crave.

His little nose sniffs out the smell,
A treat that he knows all too well,
He jumps and begs for just one bite,
His tail wags with all his might.

He gobbles up the pancakes fast,
His hunger can't be overcast,
He licks his lips and looks around,
For more of this delicious sound.

His eyes light up with joy and glee,
As he eats his pancakes with glee,
He's happy and content, it's true,
For pancakes make his day anew.

Whether or not this is actually a sonnet or not, I trust someone will let me know in the comments below.

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