B. Billy Was a Fighter



Billy lived in a trailer park in the last house on the row.

He wore camo pants and GI Joe boots to school.

I liked Billy, but I don’t know whatever happened to him.

I like to think he got some girl pregnant and he now owns a construction company and he’s happy.

But really, I don’t know.

Maybe his Dad died in that bad accident on I-80 and his mom had to move away cause the trailer park rent was too expensive.

They had to move to Florida to live with his Mom’s sister. He hated it there so he ran away and got attacked by an alligator.

He survived by the grace of God and now he’s a preacher.

Or maybe the alligator ate him.

I dunno. It could have probably gone either way.

I like to think he survived. He was always a fighter in my mind.


This post is part of the flash fiction series, By the Letter.

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