buttons now
run the top
are these markers?
who's cooking all the slop?

fire, fire, set the alarm
call the forces that reckon
with powers that be

let's try once again
to focus on me

what's wrong
what's right
what'd you do last night?

are you eating?
are you sleeping?
are you circling in circles
and pacing through the halls?

How are you feeling today?
Do you feel okay?

Why don't you reach out to touch me to see–
align all the rows
so perfectly
 - like numbers falling under
in corners and squares
a postage stamp 
  to pretend that you care

what a card, what a hoot,
  hope this makes you feel better?

the best part was
ripping it up
and drawing out lines

i hate that i feel like hating you
i want to be happy.
i want to care. 
i'm pretty sure i'm tired though
and i'm too old to be there

so i'll find myself a table
and wait for you -


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