Friends Like Dogs

I wish I had more friends 
like dogs
Friends who bark
at any hint of danger
and lick your food
so you know it’s safe 

Dogs are loyal friends
who don’t leave your side 
and only care
That if you are happy,
they are happy

Maybe my friends
Should be dumb, 
Friends who 
Say nothing
And don’t fill your head
with nonsense

They just listen,
Tails wagging
or occasionally,
with an empathetic sigh.

Friendships are
What you give to them,
So maybe
I should be a friend
More like a dog

But then,
How that leaves my heart
empty inside -- 

The illusion that I’m only 
Being used by them
Exploited for love
And companionship
With little
But a pat on the head,
“That’s a good girl”.

No doubt,
It would be far easier
To be a better human
If I were a dog.

What better kinds of friends we could be?

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