Oh, Right. I Guess You Were in Mexico

I Guess You Were in Mexico

I guess you were in Mexico
She was trying to get through
But I couldn’t connect the lines
Hello, operator?
Yes, I’ve been disconnected now five times
Dialing all zeroes 
It’s hard to discern the signals
When you are colorblind

I was watching a basketball game –
Funny how
I used to know
Now I know no body
But it’s hard to miss the spark.

She says she loves you
And misses you
And that she is so sorry
But since you already knew that
It’s about time to leave

First door on the right
and 13 floors up
Stand right here next to me
We can watch from the bell towers
And race to the balcony

They always come back
Can’t ever get enough of it here
Another little slice of hell please
Heaven is not nearly near enough for me

Pink on blue next to a yellow green
A grand scale mansion
On the movie screen
If only we were
I'd buy you the whole fucking thing

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