What is the best use of an imagination anyways?

When we were kids, 
we were encouraged to engage
in imaginative play
Now we're so magically imaginative
we can imagine this whole reality away.

Law of attraction
ain't but a fraction
of how enraged we became
to be raging from
next to the bed...

Did you see what she said?
How can we see the words that can only be heard
in context on concepts we conceptualize
to the point we get hypnotized.

Now we dream through screens 
And we hypothesize...

Who's here
And what do I hear
if I put my headphones on
And get into the zone
Noise cancelling mic
and words written on my phone
Let us go on and on
We were the first human drones
Who picked up your receivers
to scream leave me the fuck alone. 

Is this the law of Attraction?
Imagine, if you were just a magnet
in between poles.

Are you bipolar or are you
so polarized by all the shit they fed you at school?

Here, have a chicken patty.
Chicken patty?
But Patty is a vegan
and nobody cares about you, 
they'd rather talk about Michael Keaton
who stands to reason
an escape hatch bigger than Martha.

Maybe Martha
could relate how we hesitate
to admit how much we know
we might be forced to look up high
just to come down later y'know. 

It's molasses in January 
Your asses were handed to me
Honky tonky donkey and an E-I-E-I-O
Shall we assess this situation?
How many assess do we have now?
This is exactly the s-hiss that's gets us in trouble 
Sh-Sh-Sh just hush your cry now
We can rock goodbye to baby in the corner.
We cornered her
and she dances for ya.

Don't you know by now
I'm just a mockingbird 
I'm just repeating every sound and syllable 
Of all the words I've heard. 

Context is barely audible,
I'm stuck in a Subscription model -
Modeling like Cindy Crawford and
Not ashamed of a mole. 
It's about time someone signed
the fate of the impossible. 

Through curtains of realities
The viel is lifted,  
Consciousness has shifted. 
I'm tapping these toes to hang on with my feet
To the ground.

Here let's go outside 
I got a broom let's ride it
We got a horse to race on
And wishes can soar

Hush falls upon the crowd
Fade out, and
the audience roars
With a captive at play 
The drama the conflict 
The entertainment today
So profound and unknown
Practically practical
but barely full grown
it's a half baked world today. 
But I'd rather eat raw cookie dough
over charred crispy golden brown delicious
fully baked cookies anyway.


I'm just acting to be on cue,
like a nuclear reactor,
radioactive and ready to detonate

as I contemplate what's wrong
with the world we live in,
When the only monsters we know
Are big eyed, fuzzy and blue

Who teach us lessons on life 
Nobody will tell you, 

Friend is someone
you give last cookie to.

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