My Excitement for Green Beans is Nothing Compared to You

When I’m not writing bad poetry, I’m usually writing senseless articles about topics people have already written everything there ever was to be said about the subject.

Today’s topic of interest? The mighty, exciting, oh-lightning – Snap! Green beans!

My Excitement for Green Beans
is Nothing Compared to You

my dear,
i like you more
than green beans.

i hope you don't
find this

i think i do mean to tell
you only the truth
and I only tell people i like the whole truth
the real truth
the nothing-but-the-kitchen-sink-truth
that's a special
kind of nothing
I share with only

mostly only green beans
and you.

i cannot contain
my excitement,

the strike-mint;

the words on my plate,
why, i must eat
every word
that i drop,
we count!

and then
when we
2,000 times short,
i cry buckets full,
writing 7000 words
of green bean drivel

i am not a machine

oh why, i lament,
why must i torment
writing about
Phaseolus vulgaris,
of all things!

it doesn't get
more exciting than this,
or does it?

Only, when I remember
there are things
i like much more
than green beans,
but not much more things more
that i like
over you.

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