Oh Bubble Gum

Bubble gum - Pop! 

Here we come
Rolling like lost letters,
Left of the tip of your tongue.
In and out, 
Lolly boy blue,
I found a needle
in a haystack
But I’m still
losing you


If love was a game
We played it,
Found our way around

Acting like we care
when we hate it

If we criticize 
It’s only cause we care

Do we dare,
dare to say what I don’t
repeat to myself
We won’t ever speak of this again
Can you please repeat
what you just said?

I’m not sure 
Where I lost place
at the table of my head -

Ding dong
The knock at the door!
Doorbells are for the rich 
and we are rich for being poor
Rich for being there
in the worst part of the war
What are we fighting for?

I got watermelon,
Striped super crush.

Who are we saying this prayer for?
So many people in heaven
with juicy fruit on the door.

Red light green light
Blue times four
A yellow lemon
Purple cat
Takes about ninety more

Are we sweet and sour
And out of our power,
power up!
We got this 
We are so full of stuff
No solutions
Just institutions
And delusions
And restitutions 

Are you still wandering from door to door?
Have you heard the good news?

Can I interest you 
In just one free book? 

We got you trapped in hell now, 
so just take a look.

Dear lord my god
I’m stuck in fast forward
And even When I rewind 
I still lose my mind
I can barely hold a fork
To your candle but
Can you eat a candle
Hell no
We are fading away
Like rotten apple cores
On a cloud we
Got written
Some more

Could you please maybe explain
this wired crazy brain?
Must I confuse you with
A list of resists 
And a backlash of promises?

How do you not know
What all of this means?

I speak in twisted metaphors
With the truth hidden
In between

The word 
The word of the lord
Bird's the word
And flipping off I’m flying
On Pigeon time
Don’t shoot the messenger
I’m just delivering notes
The body ain’t writing
What the spirit devoteS
You say yesterday was a fine day
Well today is a day too
We can count all our days
But we ain’t counting you
You’re more than just a number
 But isn’t that funny

My hunny we’re crazy and fraizye 

Make up the words as you go
It’s just a song 
And we know to just hum along
When we don’t know the words
We don’t know
what we don’t know
and we’ll never know anything

That’s the beauty of nothing:
in nothing is everything

Thank you god for this day
And our daily breaD
In heaven we appease to all we do
instead of breaking all the bread

But I ain’t going there
That’s out of my zone ...

This is what you get when
You leave a girl and her notebook alone.

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