That’s Rich

The trees have a story.

They lived quietly and peacefully. They smiled when the people would reach up and take their apples, so they did their best to make the very best apples in all the land.

One day, the people stopped coming.

And then the next.

Years went by, and not one person came.

Some of the trees were worried. They cried. Surely the people were all gone. Something horrific had happened. Why else would they no longer come?

Some trees stayed strong. “Someday, they will come back for us. We must do our best to keep making the very best fruit.”

And this is what they did. For a hundred years or more.

Then one day, the developers came in and burned all the trees down.

The developers cleared the land, and turned the earth with their bull dozers. The developers built a golf course.

Mansions surrounded the gray water run-off pond, packed in like sardines all close together.

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