There’s No Logic When I’m With You

there’s no logic when i’m with you
I never know if what you say is really true

there’s a million things I’ve always wondered out
I can’t believe what its all about

there’s no logic when I’m with you
I walk around so confused

things I always thought would stay the same
reasons beyond what I can explain

you will take whatever you can to change
you don’t care if it makes sense or not

you could tell me we’re going to fly today
while we’re at it, let’s make it rain

there’s no logic
and i never know what to do

you never wonder how
you know it’ll all work out
I don’t mind being with you

there’s no logic when I’m with you
make it up as we go
oh oh I’ll never know

there’s no logic when I’m with you
never know if what you’re saying is really true
we can’t explain
everything is possible when we play your game

there’s no logic when 
everything is impossible
but you can see it through

I don’t know how you do it
or even why
someday you’ll make me fly

there’s no logic

I can’t guess 
I’m not the best
I’ll leave it up to the rest
how do you do what you do
there’s no logic when I’m with you

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