U. Under The Boardwalk

You should see what your old house looks like now.

They tore out all of your mom’s rose bushes.

They put in an in-ground pool and paved half the back yard.

They scrapped all the old aluminum siding and replaced it with red cedar.

You know where we used to swing on the tire swing?

The old oak tree got knocked down in a storm last winter, and they planted two new ones.

They don’t decorate as nearly as good as your parents did for Halloween. Even their Christmas decorations aren’t as nice.

Oh! And they have a dog! He’s the cutest and most friendliest dog I ever met. You were right, your house was the kind of house that just needed a dog.

I dunno, I guess you could say it’s just not same here without you.

(Would it be rude if I said I think I like it better?)

Don’t take it personally, I don’t not like you or anything. You should come visit and see it!

This post is part of the flash fiction series, By the Letter.

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