A sestina.

can I spend the night with you
my small voice softly said
it's cold and lonely here
and I crawled into your bed
I asked you to share the covers
but alas, we are not lovers

in the chained bed of lovers
taking time to not disturb you
love won't be hidden beneath the covers
all the feelings left unsaid
are restless in this bed
waiting to belong here

I've memorized the feelings here
thought about us being lovers
sharing, sleeping in one bed
peacefully next to you
listening for all that is not said
hiding myself beneath the covers

until I could not hide beneath the covers
all the feelings surfaced here
so many things needed said
we are silent but we are lovers
and I wonder of thoughts of you
your naked mind in this bed

waiting in your bed
throwing off the covers
I am uncovering you
exposing your love here
showing them we are lovers
telling all of what you said

now they know what you said
the secrets whispered in your bed
have turned us into lovers
and there's no need for these covers
let them see what we have here
spending the night with you

I will spend the night with you
you will share the covers
we are lovers
my voice calmly said
we are happy here
together in this bed  

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