V. Vinny

When Vinny was born, she was afraid. She didn’t know why.

As she got older, she was afraid to walk. Afraid to talk. She didn’t understand the world she was in.

It made no sense, and the disorder and chaos was too much for her.

The TV screeched, the refrigerator hummed, the traffic roared outside.

She often sat alone, staring at walls, rocking back and forth to soothe herself.

She had a box of toys her parents had set out for her. She remembered going to a kid’s house once. He had a box of toys also, and so she guessed maybe this was her mother trying to make her do something.

She looked at the toys in the box and picked them up, one by one. She put them in a line.

There, she thought. Now there is a little bit of order in this disordered world.

This post is part of the flash fiction series, By the Letter.

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